Heartbeat Sessions

** Twin Pregnancies – There is an additional $25 fee for twins. Each twin will receive its own set of photos.


You can see your baby’s heart beating as early as eight weeks with an ultrasound done on top of your belly.  Heartbeat ultrasounds give parents-to-be peace of mind that their baby is growing. Our heartbeat ultrasounds not only verify pregnancy, but also provide you with an estimated due date. All scans are performed by an OB Registered Sonographer.

Sneak Peek Heartbeat $100

Recommended 8-12 weeks


20 Minute Ultrasound Scan

Pregnancy Verification

See and hear your baby’s heartbeat

2D 3D 5D HD 

UNLIMITED Digital Photos

UNLIMITED Digital Video Clips

Measurements Included



Estimated due date  


*ADD a recording of your baby’s heartbeat to one of our plush 16” Heartbeat Animals. $35


All digital media will be delivered via Apple Air Drop or Link Via OneDrive.